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Why FundSense?

FundSense is run by a team with decades of experience in financial services and implementing digital solutions at global organisations.

Our mission is to provide the investment industry with flexible, scalable solutions that eliminate manual tasks, improve efficiency and increase data accuracy across all departments, enabling clients to focus on their core capabilities.


The FundSense platform is built on low-code / no-code technology which allows us to deliver standardised tool sets and environments to clients, whilst simultaneously customising the workflows and processes to meet exact requirements.

This approach allows us to deliver solutions much faster than traditional providers – from proof of concept through to minimum viable product and full deployment.

FundSense also provides clients with the option to maintain and develop the tools themselves, thus avoiding delays due to change requests/development queues – and removing the burden of ongoing development fees. With one to two days of training, non-IT staff can manage changes themselves – with the FundSense team on hand to assist with more complex builds.

Our low-code / no-code approach allows us to continually evolve the platform, leveraging the work we do with clients and partners to provide process improvements and efficiency gains to our entire client base, regardless of the configurations made to suit their own requirements.

Our team of developers, business analysts and project managers have considerable knowledge of both the platform’s potential and the markets we serve; this allows FundSense to act as a partner for clients, passing on best practices as the industry and regulations evolve.



The flexibility of the FundSense platform allows us to work with clients and deploy a vast variety of solutions including workflows, people management, project management, CRM, portals and chatbots. However, we are acutely aware that many problems and challenges – whether for the firm, the client or the adviser - exist across the industry.

It is for this reason that we have developed a vast and growing suite of tools, that can quickly be customised and deployed to meet exact requirements today, and easily modified as business requirements or regulations change.

As well as providing best-in-class solutions, a critical element of the FundSense philosophy is to ensure that the technology is underpinned by a team of people with considerable experience in the markets we serve – from both the customer and supplier side. In addition, our leadership team has vast experience in implementing process improvement solutions in global companies in sectors including healthcare, broadcasting and management consulting.

This experience allows us to deliver better, faster and more cost-effective solutions to clients regardless of the use case or area of the business.



The FundSense platform’s low-code / no-code approach means that business apps can be developed and deployed quickly and efficiently - up to 20 times faster than traditional methods using programmers and code. In addition,  end users with no technical background can be trained in days to build apps and automate/update their own processes. 

This light-touch approach enables rapid development of business automation solutions, which in turn leads to impressive ROI and unrivalled payback.

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