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ESG Solutions

Fully automated processes for reporting to clients, regulators and vendors


ESG data consumption​ and normalisation from any third party


EET, CET and SFDR Annex creation​, with Dissemination of templates and documents to vendors, platforms and regulators

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Client use cases include:


Dissemination of populated templates and documents to vendors, platforms and regulators

Automated handover of data to third party reporting partners in the right format at the right time


Creation, review, sign-off and maintenance of investment objectives with workflows aligned with company processes


Automation of monitoring and alerts to ensure alignment with firm and portfolio ESG objectives


Automated data/document dissemination to ESG risk providers through a single streamlined process

Clients use FundSense to automate their end-to-end ESG processes, dramatically improving report output times and reducing error rates with built-in data and business rules and SLAs.

Contact us to discuss our provision of a client solution to automate the collection, normalisation and enrichment of ESG data from third parties, and the ongoing ad-hoc creation of PDF reports for advisors via a bespoke portal.

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