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About Us

Our mission is to provide the best solutions to eliminate manual tasks, increase efficiency and reduce costs across all departments at asset management and wealth management firms.

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"We started FundSense to address the issues we had experienced across many years of working with and for investment managers. Slow, error-prone manual processes, over-reliance on spreadsheets and a lack of governance cause problems in all departments, which lead to further challenges with collaboration and communication across the firm.

This is why we created the FundSense Intelligent Automation Platform, an industry-specific solution combining powerful Workflow Automation, Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence to quickly and cost-effectively meet the needs of asset management and wealth management firms of all sizes."

Jamie Keen, Founder & CEO

"Throughout my 20 years in the financial industry, including over a decade at Morningstar & Morningstar Sustainalytics, I have witnessed the inefficiencies that exist across Go to Market and Business as Usual processes. This led to my passion for revolutionising the way organisations harness the power of data and leverage technology to streamline their processes.

Working with FundSense removes the pain points that firms – whether product manufacturers or product distributors - face, allowing them to fully focus on their core propositions."

Samantha Cone, Director of Data and Product

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"As Head of Development at FundSense, I guide clients through the Discovery and Delivery Phases to ensure that processes are created with maximum efficiency, data is verified and cleansed, reports (internal, regulatory, client etc.) are populated and disseminated automatically, and governance and audit trails are comprehensive across every task. 

In addition, we build our solutions to deliver extensive analytics and BI which enable our clients to accurately monitor process challenges and bottlenecks over time, and the tools to act upon these insights. The platform’s ability to allow for ongoing process improvements is critical for our clients."

Neel Shah, Head of Development

"Having been involved up and down the value chain in Asset and Wealth Management for more years than I care to remember, implementing change has always been manual and time-consuming, shifting focus away from the firm's core activities. 


Creating, designing and improving workflow and reporting through the automation tools provided by FundSense has been a welcome revelation, and I am delighted to be able to share the platform's many capabilities across multiple departments with the industry.”

Frank Potaczek, Head of Consultancy EMEA


"I’ve worked in the asset management industry for over 20 years, for firms including Société Générale Asset Management, TCW, and Amundi Pioneer, in both Europe and the United States. During this time, I have witnessed first-hand the challenges firms face working across departments and managing manual processes.

The FundSense platform is truly game-changing for the asset management industry, and I’m delighted to work with our North American clients on a wide and growing range of use-cases.

Susan Gradascevic , Head of Consultancy North America

The FundSense management team has decades of experience –  at vendors like Standard & Poor’s and Morningstar,  asset managers including L&G, Close Brothers and Architas - and also implementing process improvement solutions in multinational PLCs across multiple industries.

Our company blends technical expertise with a deep understanding of financial services, ensuring our solutions are tailored to the exact requirements of asset and wealth managers.

FundSense works with organisations of all sizes - from small boutiques to global banks. The flexibility of our platform ensures that we can meet a vast array of needs, across areas including People Management, Project Management, Document Management and CRM.

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