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Fund Reporting

Fully automated process for reporting to clients, regulators and vendors


Automate the end-to-end reporting cycle including data import and entry, enrichment, approvals and sign-off


Business/Data rules and timers ensure that data is complete, correct and on-time all the time

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Production/Import/sign-off of data and creation/ dissemination of templates (incorporating periodical template updates) for a wide range of regulatory, client and vendor templates.


Client use cases include:


Generation of populated templates including, EET, EMT, EPT, CEPT, FVPT, TPT, DCPT, CTI, Openfunds


Ingestion, verification and enrichment of data from third parties to create reports


Automated handover of data to third party reporting partners in the right format at the right time


AI-driven automated investment commentary derived from data ingested by the platform

Clients use FundSense to automate their end-to-end reporting processes, dramatically improving output times and reducing error rates with built-in data and business rules and SLAs.

Contact us to discuss our provision of a client solution to automate the collection, normalisation and enrichment of data from third parties, and the ongoing creation of reports for investors and advisers. 

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