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Intelligent Automation across
the investment industry

Increasing regulatory / compliance requirements, customer expectations and margin pressures are just some of the critical challenges that asset and wealth management firms are facing today. The continued growth of assets whilst reducing costs requires an ongoing increase in operational efficiency across the entire organisation.


FundSense works with clients to automate internal and client operations – from eliminating manual processes and spreadsheets to improving the availability and flow of data. With seamless integration, internal and external systems can be joined together to increase communication and collaboration in all departments.


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Automated Workflow

The FundSense advanced workflow solution structures and automates processes across your organisation – from industry-specific processes such as fund launches, client reporting and CRM to a vast range of general functions including hiring, employee appraisals and invoice approval.

The workflow solution has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop visual workflow designer which enables users to design and deploy workflows at lightning speed. Tasks, email notifications and business rules can be created quickly and efficiently. Smart forms can be designed and customised to maximise the user experience and ensure data and information is seamlessly collected from any source.

The power and flexibility of FundSense provides a no-limits workflow solution.


Asset and Wealth Management organisations employ large numbers of people and face two major challenges - operational efficiency and rising costs. By leveraging automated workflows and RPA, firms can fully automate manual processes, ensuring maximum employee productivity while enhancing customer experience, minimising errors and reducing costs.

Combining Automated Workflow and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables the automation of any business process. Our RPA bots are configured with business logic and structured inputs, so can be used in a wide variety of scenarios, including capturing and interpreting applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data and triggering responses, and communicating with other internal or third-party systems. 

Firms receive huge quantities of emails, onboarding forms, trade confirmations, payments and managing them is time-consuming and costly. Additional challenges include multiple technology partners and legacy systems integration, while regulatory requirements continue to increase with a focus on compliance and regulatory reporting. FundSense's RPA capabilities ensure firms of any size can efficiently address all of these challenges.


Robotic Process Automation


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can revolutionise Financial Services organisations by increasing efficiency, accuracy and regulatory compliance. There are endless applications of AI across Asset and Wealth Management, from real-time optimisation of sales and marketing interactions and client services, to document data analysis, extraction and comparison.

Back, middle and front offices can take advantage of branches of AI including machine learning, sentiment analysis, text classification and image recognition. The FundSense platform has built-in AI and combines these technologies to offer innovative solutions for Asset and wealth Managers - including the Document Analyser, which extracts and analyses data, text and tables from any document.

Incorporating AI has often been considered prohibitively expensive – but the FundSense platform allows firms of any size to leverage the technology in a quick, affordable manner.


Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that can recognise, interpret and understand user requests. Fund-E, the FundSense NLP-based chatbot can understand questions written in the user's natural language and provide an immediate answer. It leverages Machine Learning and improves over time by using feedback from users about the accuracy of answers provided.

Fund-E has a wide range of uses for financial services customers who can interact with the chatbot 24/7 to access any information about the company, products and services, support etc. Using a secure log in they can also ask questions about their account for a faster, more efficient experience.

Company employees can also make use of the technology to have a wealth of information at their fingertips. Questions such as 'What is the benchmark for…', 'What is the AUM for…', or 'View the factsheet / KIID for…' are answered immediately with the correct data and any relevant documents.

Users can also start processes by typing, for example, 'Start fund launch' or 'analyse a document'. In these cases, a link will be displayed for the user to click on and start the relevant workflow – in these examples Fund Launch and Document Analyser.

Staff can also ask general employee questions, for example, 'How do I get a new laptop' or 'How much holiday do I have left'. The bot can be trained to answer any question; the knowledge base can access any data point or document in the FundSense platform and be auto-populated by other systems via APIs and/or RPA.


Natural Language Processing


Leverage Data & Enable Insights

Access to data is critical for asset and wealth managers facing ever-increasing regulatory challenges. Having the ability to view data in multiple formats, verify and display it to users in a format that works for them is critical.

Instant access to data means process owners and participants can view the statistics of any live processes, including the status and stage. These real-time digital updates lead to improved communication and operational efficiency, thus saving money and reducing waste.

The FundSense platform enables users to make better, quicker and more informed decisions, collecting data/documents from any internal/external source such as a product master, factsheet provider or CRM. The FundSense Dashboard enables tables, charts and graphs to be compiled from any data source in seconds and displayed in data-rich dashboards.  Users can view their tasks in order of priority and view the specific information they need and have permission to view.

In addition, reports in multiple formats can be scheduled to run at specific intervals and emailed as required for viewing offline. The FundSense platform ensures that users view the information that is important to them in the right format and at the right time.

Data & Insights

When you invest in IT-related projects, a key requirement is to know what your Return on Investment (ROI) will be. The allocation and prioritisation of projects and budgets is often driven by ROI, as this indicates the level of net income that can be generated from the investment.

The FundSense platform is built with a no code / low code approach, which means that business apps can be developed and deployed quickly and efficiently - up to 20 times faster than traditional methods using programmers and code. In addition,  end users with no technical background can be trained in days to build apps and automate/update processes themselves. This light-touch approach enables rapid development of business automation solutions, which in turn leads to impressive ROI and unrivalled payback.

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Return on Investment

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