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Fund & Share Class Launches 

Half your launch times with automated, end-to-end fund and share class lifecycle management


Complete control and governance of fund and share class creation – from internal proposal generation and sign-off to automated population and generation of TPA and data vendor templates.


Automate all tasks and processes for all internal users and third-parties, with timers and SLAs to speed up task completion and identify/address bottlenecks.

fs launch 2.gif

Auto-generate over 100 industry and vendor new-fund templates, with business rules to ensure all data points are complete and correct.

Ring-fencing of datasets and delivery to third parties (e.g. document creators, governing bodies) in the right format and at the right time.


Client use cases include:


Elimination of spreadsheets from launch processes, reducing error-rates, resource and time to market


Integration with FundSense/existing product master/internal systems to eliminate re-keying of any data at share class level


Automated dissemination of all applicable templates to vendors, regulators and clients


Creation of prospectus/supplement using data imported and originating from the platform

Clients use FundSense to automate all or parts of their fund and share class processes, dramatically reducing launch timescales and eliminating re-keying / data errors for all parties.

Contact us to discuss how we provided complete automation and governance for the end-to-end product launch and closure processes for the OEIC and SICAV ranges of a global asset manager, reducing resource requirements by 65% and time to launch by as much as 50%.

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