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Fund Document
Management and Creation

Powerful and versatile  document management and creation including UCITs KIID, UK/EU PRIIPS KID and prospectus


Automate the complete document cycle process, from data ingestion and origination to publishing and dissemination.


Workflow Automation and Robotic Process Automation ensure documents are created on time and error-free every time.


Automated data collection and handover to third-parties improves governance and speeds up time-to-market.

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Full version control, audit trails and integration to third party systems

Automation of processes behind and the generation of documents including UCITs KIID, UK/EU PRIIPS KID, Prospectus, Supplement, Board Reports, RFPs and Business Cases


Extraction of ‘trapped’ text, tables and images from any document for databasing

Client use cases include:


Used with the FundSense automated document analyser to extract/verify any information in created or stored documents - compare to previous version or golden source

Clients use FundSense to automate all or parts of their document creation processes, dramatically improving publishing times and reducing error rates with built-in data and business rules, timers and SLAs.

Contact us to discuss our provision of a client solution to automate the collection, normalisation and enrichment of ESG data from third parties, and the ongoing ad-hoc creation of PDF reports for advisors via a bespoke portal.

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