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Fund Data Management

Complete control, visibility and understanding of any data, from any source, in any format


Automate the Ingestion, verification, normalisation and reconciliation of data from any source, including:

PDFs (prospectuses, factsheets, KIIDs etc.)


Vendor feeds


Use as a central data repository or integrate with existing product master


Eliminate reliance on spreadsheets and manual processes / approvals to ensure faster data creation & dissemination

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Fully integrated with CRM, HR systems, translation agents, data vendors, document providers, etc.


Export data for clients, vendors, regulators etc. in any format and at the right time, with ongoing communication management

Client use cases include:


Creation/maintenance of golden source data, with ongoing enrichment of data with customised calculations for use in regulatory or client reports


Automation of investment commentary with AI following bulk ingestion of performance feeds, and data import from multiple sources for direct comparison and reporting (e.g. ESG data)


Bulk-verify document content prior to publishing (e.g. prospectus terminology across ranges and monthly factsheet runs)

Reconciliation of third-party website data for ongoing data improvements

Clients use FundSense as their central data repository, or to accompany an existing product master. Integrations enable quick and easy collection and dissemination of data to TPAs, data vendors, document providers etc. in the right format and at the right time.

Contact us to discuss our provision of a global data repository, incorporating all ongoing change process automation for a tier one asset manager, eliminating reliance on spreadsheets, reducing maintenance resource requirements by 75 % and error rate by 95%.

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