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Transform your Fund Reporting, Document  Creation, Data Management and Product Launches with FundSense Intelligent Automation

FundSense provides solutions to increase efficiency, data quality, governance and collaboration across every
department in asset and wealth management firms.

Welcome to FundSense -
the Automation Platform
for Financial Services

The FundSense platform enables asset managers & wealth managers to maximise their efficiency, productivity and data accuracy.

Intelligent Automation functionality includes workflow tools for fund and share launch/closure, end-to-end regulatory and client reporting, and data management/ dissemination; a powerful document analyser to extract and verify any information in any document, and chatbots/web portals for staff, advisers and customers.

Incorporating Robotic Process Automation, Business Process Management and Artificial Intelligence, our solutions are fully customisable to ensure that every process is optimised for both organisation and user.

FundSense eliminates manual processes, error-prone tasks and over-reliance on spreadsheets / inefficient systems, enabling improved governance and compliance across the entire organisation.

Discover how Intelligent Automation makes any process quicker and 
more efficient

FundSense works with clients to implement Automated Workflows, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing wherever they are needed across the business. This delivers drastic improvements in efficiency across internal and client operations – from eliminating manual processes and spreadsheets, to improving the availability and flow of information.

By leveraging all available data, the platform enables users to make better, faster and more informed decisions through access to powerful Business Intelligence and Management Information.

The FundSense platform is built with a no code / low code approach, which means that business apps can be developed and deployed quickly and efficiently - up to 20x faster than traditional methods.


Automated Workflows

Remove manual processes and spreadsheets. Automate emails and improve efficiency,  governance and compliance.


Artificial Intelligence

Replicate cognitive human activity. Extract, manipulate and leverage large quantities of data efficiently and effectively. 


Robotic Process Automation

Eliminate re-keying of data and repetitive manual tasks. Automate document creation and reporting, reduce errors and improve accuracy.


Natural Language Processing

Digital assistant chatbots for employees, customers and other third parties offering help, support and instant access to data and information.

Clients use FundSense for


Streamline any processes across

the organisation


Automate generation

of client, regulatory

and vendor templates


Verify, disseminate, reconcile data to/from any source


Verify and extract text and images from any document


Leverage 100 Years+ Experience in Asset & Wealth Management

work with:

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Asset Managers 

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Wealth Managers

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Are You Ready to Report,
Launch Products
& Manage Data
more efficiently with Intelligent Automation?

Contact us to find out how Intelligent Automation can help your organisation, or to arrange a demo / discuss a proof of concept.

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