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Our Solutions

Our Solutions

FundSense has a vast range of solutions that can be delivered as individual standalone applications, through to a fully integrated suite of tools serving multiple areas of the business.

With access to FS:Apps, users can Build powerful business apps at lightning speed, whilst FS:Flows allows them to Create and manage their own workflows. This gives our clients the option to streamline any process across any department themselves, and modify them when changes are needed.

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Fully customisable fund & share class creation and approval.  FS:Launch uses intelligent automation to increase efficiency and reduce the time taken to launch funds, leading to faster acquisition of AUM. The tool is fully customised to work with your processes, teams and third parties including TPAs and document providers.

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Extract / verify any information in any document including factsheets, KIIDs and prospectuses.  FS:Insight uses cutting edge technologies combining different forms of AI and ML to extract data quickly and accurately.  The FundSense platform integrates effectively with 3rd party systems using APIs.  Built in RPA tools ensure document data can flow efficiently to and and from any system.



Manage data from and to any source. FS:Data can create, collect and verify data from any internal or external source, store the data for use in any other FundSense applications, and disseminate to clients, vendors, regulators etc. in any format.



Powerful and versatile document creation and management. FS:Docs provides full client and internal document lifecycle functionality. Create, manage, track and distribute documents across your organisation, to third parties and to clients.

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Digital Assistant Chatbot for internal users and customers. FS:Chat uses Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to provide an improved user experience for clients, and efficiently delivers information to a more engaged and informed workforce.

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Customised dashboard for every firm, department and user. FS:View is the one-stop dashboard that provides your teams with the tools, information and permissions they need. Fully customisable and configurable at firm, department and user level.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

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Deploy built in API and RPA capability to increase efficiency and reduce / eliminate unnecessary third-party licences.